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I am the Purchasing Manager of Jiangsu Yaqi, very grateful to the total service of the industry machinery and electronics Co., Ltd., for us to explain the use of product equipment and precautions, regular return visit and provide us with product equipment solutions, we have been Industry of loyal partners, hand in hand, with the growth! We are a professional manufacturer of built-in shade blinds, energy-saving framing and system doors and windows for research and development, production, sales and service. Jiangsu Province, Building Materials Machinery Association, executive director of the unit, Zhenjiang City, green building and building energy conservation association vice chairman of the unit, with a metal doors and windows engineering contractor qualification and a curtain wall qualification, Zhenjiang doors and windows shade industry is the quality of enterprises. Thanks to the industry, choose the automation of curtain equipment I recommend to find the industry Machinery Electronics Co., Ltd.